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Braelangwell is primarily let for its salmon fishing but it also has excellent sea trout fishing, particularly for those who venture out after dinner. The fishing is let for 4 rods unless the water levels are above 0″ on the Morail gauge when 5 may fish.

The River Carron, (Carrann in Gaelic) begins life as Abhainn a’Ghlinne Mhoir and joins the Alladale River (Abhainn Alladail) to form the River Carron, where it flows east to the Kyle of Sutherland.

Fishing is from the left bank only. The top pools – Frenchmans, Millers, Burnmouth and Charlies are outside the beat rotation we share with Gruinard fishing and can therefore be fished at any time. Otherwise the fishing is divided into two beats (Upper and Lower) that change daily at 1.00 p.m. The main body of the Morail can be fished at any time; in low water it is a good place to teach beginners to cast whilst in higher waters it earns its reputation as the most prolific pool on the river.

Please note that we ask our guests to always be respectful of those you may encounter on the opposite bank in these pools.



To download the Beat Maps click on the links below;-

Upper Beat Map & Beat Photo’s

Lower Beat Map & Beat Photo’s

The river can easily be covered by a 13′ rod although in heavy water a 15′ is advisable, we ask our guests to only use a double handed salmon rod when fishing for salmon. The best time for sea trout is after dusk and an 8′ -10′ rod is ideal.

Top Rods, Pool and Flies 2015

River Carron Conservation Policy

Catch and Release

Casting throughout the beat is relatively simple with ideal areas for beginners to the more experienced fisherman and no pool is the same. If you have the ability to overhead, roll, snake and double Spey you will find an opportunity to use every variation of cast.

The Braelangwell Fly

The Braelangwell Fly

Too hot, too cold, too bright, too high, too low, wind from the east, barometric pressure – familiar excuses for not catching fish, however there is one hard and fast rule; you will not catch a fish if your fly is not in the water! In reality any fly will catch a salmon but more important is the size and fullness of dressing. The higher the water the larger and more fully dressed the fly. The fly that has caught the most fish over the last 50 years is the Willy Gunn, a traditional but immensely successful fly and today also tied in 21st century fashion as a ‘conehead’. In the last 5 years the Ally Shrimp has caught more than any other on Braelangwell. Try to make sure you have a variety of flies, both in size and dressing in order to make you exploits successful. We have a good selection of flies suitable for all conditions on sale at the Lodge, if you would like to make a particular order please make sure that you contact Finlay at least a month before you arrive.
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